Kirkwood Farmers Market Fall Fun Zone


Kirkwood Farmers Market Kids Fall Fun Zone
2020 Seasons Kid Zone Hours of Operation 

Reserve your visit!

Walk in also welcome, but can only be accomodated when the online ticket sales do not reach the 100 max allowed per reserved time. 

Summit intends to return to normal buasiness model in 2021. Door sales and only kids pay to play. This is a  2020 year ALL Covid related change. 



  • Straw Mountain & Haunted Tunnel 
  • HUGE Quadro Slides
  • Needle in the Haystack Game
  • John Deere Tractor Land
  • Fort Summit Slides
  • Lil’ Fort Summit
  • Summit Swing Town
  • Lil' Jumpers ( single person trampolines  MORE in 2020! 
  • Good Eats!  Perryville Missouri Stonies Brats and Dogs  &  more!  Weekends 11-5
  • Live Acoustic Entertainment!   Weekends  11-3 

Prospectors Point ~ Fun for the whole family ~  Mine for precious Gems, Fossils and More.

 3 lb Pay Dirt     6 + ounce Gemstones   $6  w/tax


3 lb. Fossil Find     4 + ounce Fossils 1/2 Ounce Shark teeth    $7    w/tax


5 lb Lucky Strike       9 + ounce Gemstones        $9     w/tax


5 lb. Emerald Strike    6 + ounce Gemstones + 3 + ounce emeralds     $10    w/tax


10 lb. Motherload     10 + ounce Gemstones , 4 ounce Fossils, 1/2 ounce shark teeth, 2 arrowheads + 1 large Amethyst Drusy    $23   w/tax


We regret that group pricing as well as season passes have been suspended for 2020.

The abilty to reserve up to 25 trickets per person per hour is allowed, and you are also welcome to reserve back to back hours, but will have to vacate space  for 20 minutes during cleaning between the reserved times. 

There is a  public green space with picnic table seating, and plenty of grass for lounging and snacking ouside of the Kids Fun Zone.