Kirkwood Farmers Market Fall Fun Zone


Kirkwood Farmers Market Kids Fall Fun Zone
2021 Seasons Kid Zone Hours of Operation

Open Oct 1st - Oct 31st  

Monday - Friday    9-8

Saturdays      8-8

Sundays   9-8*   Closing on Halloween @ 6 pm*

Reservations are not required



  • HUGE Quadro Slides
  • Straw Mountain & Haunted Tunnel 
  • Needle in the Haystack Game
  • John Deere Tractor Land
  • Corn Crib 
  • Fort Summit 
  • Lil’ Fort Summit
  • Summit Swing Town
  • Lil' Jumpers 
  • New  Attraction Coming ... TBA 
  • Good Eats!  Perryville Missouri Stonies Brats and Dogs  &  more!  Weekends only  11-4
  • Varied Live Entertainment Weekends  Only TBA
  • Jeannie The Face Painter Weekends    Only 9-3 
  • Pumpkin Painting w/ Kirkwood Youth in Action on  Oct 9 , 10, 16 &  17th  9-3  (additonal fee 100% of all procedds are for local charity) 

Prospectors Point ~ Fun for the whole family ~  Mine for precious Gems, Fossils and More.  Open Every Day!  

 3 lb Pay Dirt     6 + ounce Gemstones   $6  w/tax


3 lb. Fossil Find     4 + ounce Fossils 1/2 Ounce Shark teeth    $7    w/tax


5 lb Lucky Strike       9 + ounce Gemstones        $9     w/tax


5 lb. Emerald Strike    6 + ounce Gemstones + 3 + ounce emeralds     $10    w/tax


10 lb. Motherload     10 + ounce Gemstones , 4 ounce Fossils, 1/2 ounce shark teeth, 2 arrowheads + 1 large Amethyst Drusy    $23   w/tax


Group tickecting is BACK !   Summit offers group discounts Monday - Friday for groups of 10 or more.  See details below. 

Season Passes are BACK!     $18 each,  2 for $35    Access the Kids Zone any day, every day, all day Oct 1-31.   


The Great Pumpkin Patch   ~   Summit Produce  ~   Kirkwood Farmers Market

  2021 Group Entry Pricing    ~  Kids Fall Fun Zone ( K.F.F.Z.)


Groups of 10 Kids = Package Pricing

Package Rates apply to Children 2-12 years

Parents / Teachers / Guardians Free Entry*

*Package discounts apply only to paid entrants

Group Rates available Monday thru Friday and must be paid in one transaction by one guardian.


Package 1: Entry  : Entrance into the Kids Fall Fun Zone

$5   (group per person savings of $1)


Package 2: Pumpkin Package : Entrance into the K.F.F.Z & Small Pumpkin

$7   (group per person savings of $2)


Package 3: Mining Package :  Entrance into the K.F.F.Z. & Panning for gems at Prospectors Point

$10   (group per person savings of $3)


Package 4: The Whole Shebang Package : Entrance into the K.F.F.Z. , Small Pumpkin, plus Panning for Gems at Prospectors Point

$12   (group per person savings of $4)



1. What is the Kids Fall Fun Zone?   It is an open air fenced area that is like a large playground in its layout. The activities include Straw Mountain, Haunted Tunnel,   Quadro Slides, Multiple Swings, Fort Summit, Lil Fort Summit, See Saws, Giant Corn Pool, Tractor Land (for 6 and under), Mini Trampolines, Needle in the Haystack Game*, Corn Shucking Station, Prospectors Point (additional fee). * Needle in the Haystack Game allows the kids a goodie bag with a small amount of candy as a prize. If you have allergy concerns, please let us know.

2. Is There Seating?  There is limited “official Seating” in the Zone, (benches, picnic tables) but there are ample straw bales for additional seating.

3. Can we bring lunches and picnic in the Fall Fun Zone ?  While snacking on the go in the Zone is fine, the best place to lunch is either on the East end of the market under Pergola (chairs and tables) or in the Greeenway (a grassy space with tables on the far west end of property) We suggest you also bring a couple of blankets in the event tables are already occupied by other citizens or market visitors.

4. Is Pumpkin Painting or Carving an option during our visit?  Yes it is! If your group would like to carve or paint pumpkins, we are happy to provide buffet tables for your use in the greenway. Your group leaders would be responsible for all other supplies needed including purchase of pumpkins at our group rate.

5. Is there additional entertainment?   On Weekends, Yes!  We provide additional entertainment on Saturdays and Sundays. Face Painting, Balloon Art, Live Music, Food, and other.. Group rates cannot be applied to weekend visits, but groups are always welcome regardless of the day.

6. How long can we stay in the K.F.F.Z. ?  Each paid entry is good for the entire day of purchase.

7. How do I arrange a weekday visit for my group?    A group planner can come to the market and pre purchase color coded wrist bands or package for day of your choice. Or, your group can arrive ready to go and purchase wristbands and or package on the spot. But we feel the best way is to speak with Kris Clark, who will help so Summit can give you the best and most stress free experience. The quickest way to accomplish this is to text Kris a few bits of info and then she will call you back promptly. If this is not convenient feel free to call or email her.  Contact Infor for Kris 314-324-6773 krisclark713 [at]

8. What about inclement weather?  No worries! We will honor your preference to choose an alternate date.

9. What are Summits Covid Safety Protocols for K.F.F.Z?  Summit follows the CDC guidelines as well as St. Louis County Mandates regarding Covid 19 Safety. Which is as follows. Masking outdoors is optional. We will regularly spray all high touch surfaces with 24-hour antibacterial spray, as well as provide handwashing stations in the Kids Zone and hand sanitizers for all guests entering and within the Kid Zone.

10. What is Prospectors Point?  Prospector’s point is a wonderfully fun and educational experience for all ages. Sluicing is the activity, which is to wash or rinse freely with a stream or shower of water. We sell bags of “rough” which is a mixture of sand, small bits of gravel, gemstones, and fossils. The miner will pour the rough into a sluicing box and run in our stream, revealing their treasures. This activity also comes with a small info card, teaching the miners about their finds!