Missouri Meats

100% Misouri Grass Fed Beef

At Summit Produce we are pleased to offer 100% Grassfed Beef raised in the rolling hills of the southern Ozarks near Doniphan, MO. Raincrow Ranch is our sole provider of delicious, nutritious grassfed beef.

Grassfed beef has health benefits in comparison to grain fed beef. It is higher in Omega-3 fatty acids, higher in CLA, higher in Vitamin E, higher in betacarotene and lower in calories. Grassfed beef is one of the healthiest protein sources on the planet.

Grassfed is powered by the sun, rain and healthy soil. Grass fed is environmentally responsible and best for the animals.

AGA Certified 100% Grassfed

The cattle are bred for the quality of their beef and receive a forage diet as they are continually rotated to fresh pastures. The animals are never held in confinement, are never fed antibiotics and never receive synthetic growth hormones. This standard is 3rd party verified by the American Grassfed Association.

USDA Certified Organic

Raincrow pastures are never treated with herbicides or pesticides and they do not use artificial fertilizers. This is verified by our USDA Organic certification.

AWA Certified for High Animal Welfare

The cattle are raised on open pasture and handled with care to provide for high animal welfare. This is 3rd party verified by Animal Welfare Approved and includes the entire journey from birth through harvest.

The cattle are harvested in Raincrow's processing facility under the ranchers direct supervision. This assures that each individual animal is treated humanely and without stress.

The beef is dry aged for 14 days to concentrate the flavor and tenderize the beef. It is then broken down by skilled butchers who take pride in their art of cutting beef.

"Beef you can feel good about eating!"


Buttonwood Poultry 

California,  Missouri 

We love these range free, drug free  birds. Chicken & Turkey. We have yet to find a more flavorfvul,  tender poultry. 


Stonies Sausage Shop 
Perryville, Missouri 

(pronounced: Stahh-nees)

At Summit Produce we began our relationship up with Stonies in the spring of 2011. Stonies is a 4th generation family business dating back to 1959.

We were in search of a great bacon to offer to our great customers and were informed by a family member that Stonies had the best bacon in Missouri.

So of course, we had to check it out.

And we believe that bacon claim to fame was right on the money!

Stonie's bacons cook up crisp and delish without leaving a ton of gross grease behind for you to clean up. Their thick strips are all center cut with just the right amount of fat on each piece.

Smoked Applewood, Smoked Hickory & Peppered available everyday at Summit Produce.

Summit also offers a large selection of Stonie's Brats:
Original , Cheesy Goddess, Jalapeno w/ Cheese,  Chili- Cheese, Onion-Garlic, Green Pepper-Onion, Apple, Pineapple-Brown Sugar, Mushroom-Swiss, Bacon Cheddar, Smoked Apple Maple, Smoked Cheddar 

Summit offers Stonie's center cut pork steaks in regular or extra thick (sold 2 per pack)

How about Summer Sausages and Quick Sticks?
The answer is... pop over to Summit Produce 7 days a week to pick your favorite flavors. Pair them with one of delicious Amish Cheeses and some fresh produce.