Other Goods

Summit is proud to offer good from the following providers,
available 7 days a week*:


Fazio's Breads
St. Louis, Missouri
Fresh Bakery Bread
Delivered daily 

Joey's Authentic Sourdough Bread
St. Louis, Missouri
*Delivered Tuesdays and Saturdays

Summit offers a large array of flavored and natural cheeses from Troyer Cheese in Ohio & European style small batch and soft mozzarella cheeses from Ludwig Farmstead in Illinois.

Stonie's Sausage Shop
Perryville, Missouri 
This family business, located in Perryville, Missouri, is the bomb when it comes to delicious, high quality pork products. They have been perfecting their sausage recipes since 1959. We offer nine of their brat flavors, four bacons, pork steaks and several delicious summer sausages.  4th Generation Sausage Shop Recipes. Brats, Bacons, Summer Sausages & Quick Sticks
Available everyday


Todd Geisert Farm
Washington, Missouri
For generations, the Geisert Family has raised hogs in pastures; allowing them to be free to enjoy fresh air, root in the dirt and play in the sunshine. This method of animal husbandry makes a quality of meat that no confinement hog could ever match. Todd Geisert continues this practice raising naturally raised hogs in pastures under the sun. Specializing in cross bred
Berkshires, Duroc, Hampshire and Chester White Hogs. Additionally, the hogs are antibiotic free and will never be given growth hormones of any kind, adding to the quality. Brats, Andouille, Bacon.
Available everyday 


Troyer Cheese
Millersburg, Ohio
Large selection of fresh Amish cheese at great price
Available everyday


Happy Chickens =   Farm Fresh Eggs


Organic Chips and Local Salsa


Organic Komblu Kombucha Tea
St Louis, Missouri
Kom Blu Kombucha Teas have been a wonderful addition to the STL foods line in our store. 
Fermented • Organic
Lots of flavors to choose from. 


Thompson Farms Dip and Soup MIxes
Wentzville, MO.
Delicious soup mixes for large family batch 


Snack Mixes ~ Nuts ~  Dried Fruits


Mrs. Miller's Amish Pastas
Millersburg, Ohio
Jarred Goods 
Our large jarred goods Selection includes, Jams, Jellies, Fruit Butters, Pickled Goods, Salsa,Relishes, mustards, salad dressings, marinades, raw honey, maple syrup, and more. 


Faro Coffee
Organic & Fair Trade
nly 6.99 for 12oz bag everyday


Raincrow Ranch and Sayersbrook Ranch
Both located in Missouri, are committed to raising healthy animals pastured feeding only on grass*,  without the use of drugs and hormones. 

Grassfed products have enormous health benefits. Higher in Omega-3 fatty acids, higher in CLA, higher in Vitamin E, higher in beta-carotene, lower in calories grass fed beef is one of the healthiest protein sources on the planet. It is beef you can feel good about eating.

*Sayersbrook Bison( due to the very lean nature of the animal) are finished on grain 2 months before harvest. 


"Our pasture raised poultry selections from California MO. are  free of harmful antibiotics". 


"Our Missouri pasture raised , grass fed *Bison and  Kansas raised grass fed Elk meats are raised free of antibiotics and growth hormones. (*Bison is Grain finished)


"Our 100% Grass Fed Pasture raised Doniphan MO Beef is Antibiotic & Hormone free"